What makes one a Hero? Just thinking about something and that is this, What makes one a Hero? We read about people going of to fight for our Country, and some of them never come back. Oh, they do but not alive. So what makes one a Hero? A man is sitting in his chair […]

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My Son- Answer to Prayer

Back in January 1986 as I was taking a walk and talking to YEHOVAH GOD, I asked HIM for a son. HE GOD, told me that I will gave a Son after our second Anniversary. Our first Anniversary was on October 27th, 1987. Around the month of March or April my wife told me that […]

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Preperation- Purification

We think that once we confess our sin and ask YEHOVAH GOD to forgive us, we can just walk into the Throne room and appear before the King. Remember that Easter knew better then to go before the King in the throne room without being summoned/ asked to appear, unless the King held out his […]

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Think about it

If somebody examined your live, what would they see in you? All Dirt or Gold I heard today that we are created from Dirt but need to be turned into Gold If you are a part of the true light Then why is there so much darkness coming out from you Are you part of […]

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California on Fire

What is on my mind? California is on my mind I know that I am going against the believe of many people and what they have been taught. In California they tried to outlaw the Bible. They are for Homosexuality for a very long time. Abortion is legal up to and including after birth, just […]

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What is on my mind? Division is on my mind A Lie from the Adversary We divide everything into groups. We divide the land that into nations We divide the people into nationalities We decide people by color race and create. Here is one more thing that we decide to divide The WORD of YEHOVAH […]


33 Years Ago

Today Mark’s thirty three years. It was five o’ clock in the evening, and I was standing at the alter, waiting for the bride to walk down the isle. The wedding march started ,everybody stood up, the doors opened up, the Bride started to walk through the doors. As I watched her gracing the walk […]

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